specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions
specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions


About GCC of America 


GCC of America, Inc. is a regional manufacturer of cement, concrete, and coal. Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (GCC) created the U.S. division with the 1994 purchase of a 500,000 ton cement manufacturing facility in Tijeras NM. A distribution terminal in Albuquerque and another in El Paso were added later in the same year.


GCC expanded cement manufacturing capacity in 2001 with the purchase of Dacotah Cement in Rapid City SD. Further capacity expansion took place in 2008 when GCC commissioned the Pueblo, Colorado plant. This state of the art facility added 1 million tons of production to the GCC network.


Multiple and dynamic business acquisitions have taken place over the last several years, including the GCC Energy coal mine in Hesperus Colorado, Consolidated Ready Mix in South Dakota and Minnesota, Mid Continent Concrete (Midco) in Oklahoma and the Midwest, and several other ready mix concrete and transportation operations.


GCC Philosophy:

Mission: To be the supplier of choice in cement, concrete products and innovative solutions.

Vision: Our passion and talent have positioned GCC as a global company, competitive and recognized by the innovative solutions that we offer to the construction industry. Our business practices constitute an example of sustainable development, social responsibility and good corporate government.




Teamwork is a fundamental element toward achieving our objectives. Our internal and external relationships are guided by the creation of synergies, always in search of mutually beneficial objectives and a continual and transparent dialogue.



The permanent creation of value for our clients and shareholders is the result of constantly searching and improving our way to do business, offering attractive proposals to the market, enhancing our work and personal growth, conveying new and better solutions to the communities where GCC is located.


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